I started playing with hair when I was a little girl. I would sit in my room and teach myself how to braid my dolls hair. I was very focused. I have always been fond of hair extensions. The versatility, the glam affect, the joy it gives some women when they can be expressive with their hair. I began doing hair professionally in 2010 and I had one mission; find the best hair on the market and make it a household name. I have tested the market in many ways and now I can finally say, I have something that the girls of the world will love. I have made it my duty to provide the most competitive hair extensions in the industry and that is exactly what I have done. Not only is Heaven Hair competitively priced, our manufacturing sources the highest quality of hair extensions available. I know personally how much I love my hair extensions, so I know that you too will also love the heavenly experience of Heaven Hair Co. 

CEO - Celica Bailey